CarePortalOnline is a highly effective doctor/patient collaboration platform. It provides timely access to information and communication through the convenience of the Internet. This system integrates seamlessly with HIPAA compliant EMR/PM systems. Available by both cloud based and local deployment models. CarePortalOnline is part of the “Care” family of products with world-class training and support. We are here for you!

The next generation in healthcare

CarePortalOnline is a complete system designed to provide an effective and convenient connection between you and your patients via the Internet. Today we are connected more than ever before. Now you can use the pervasive and reliable connections we all share to extend and expand your healthcare services to better meet the needs of your patients. The system includes broad functionalities that leverage our connected and mobile society to more effectively communicate, interact, and collaborate. CarePortalOnline is well suited for a range of practices, from solo practices to large clinics with hundreds of providers.

Why CarePortalOnline

Electronic Health Records

CarePortalOnline gives patients 24/7 access to their medical records which is safe and secure and available anywhere anytime at their convenience. Care Portal Online is a web-based portal for patients to register and manage their health records with the objective of patients having one to one online communication with their doctors through various communication mechanisms supported by the portals. The objective was to give the patient the ability to schedule and request appointments with their doctors. Report their health problems and maintain their health records as well.

  • Find a doctor:
    1. A convenient tool to assist a patient locating a doctor by name, location, contact details, etc.
  • New patient registration and pre-registration:
    1. Allows the patient to enter demographics without having to visit the doctor/hospital.
  • Provider availability:
    1. Allows Patients to see all the available providers in the facility and can choose the provider of their choice
  • Online appointment scheduling:
    1. Allows the patient to make direct contact with your practice from the comfort of home or office when the need arises.
  • Send messages and reminders to the provider:
    1. Allows the patients to send messages/reminders regarding their medications, problems and treatment procedures
  • Medication refills:
    1. Patients can request medication refills without having to visit the doctor and the refills can be conveniently transferred to the patient’s pharmacy
  • View Lab and Radiology results online:
    1. Patients can check their lab and radiology results online without having to visit the doctor
  • Managing the patient information:
    1. Allows an easy and efficient means to deliver and manage healthcare information to patients.
  • Organizing and managing of personal documents:
    1. Facilitates organizing and managing of personal documents.
  • Problem Description to healthcare provider:
    1. A simple series of questions allow the patients to accurately describe their health condition to the healthcare provider.
  • Online access to intake forms (Health concerns, Doctor referrals, etc.):
    1. Online access to all required forms allows a convenient method of capturing patient details such as health concerns, doctor referrals, etc.
  • Current and past encounters:
    1. Patients have access to current and past encounters.